Medical Tattooing & Permanent Makeup

Here at Nouveau Health and Wellness located in beautiful downtown West Palm Beach, we offer state of the art medical tattooing. This procedure helps to restore pigment color as well as camouflage scarring caused by surgery. Medical tattooing also covers stretch marks and other medical conditions. Our Paramedical Aesthetician is considered one of the top post surgical revision artists in Florida.



Medical micropigmentation is a technique used to restore the original color by “tattooing” an area of skin to correct or conceal scarring. This technique can also be used to correct a tissue alteration or to reconstruct a mammary areola amputated during surgery for cancer. It is a medical art form perfected using light and shade to transform and camouflage the area using a special medical device.


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Medical micropigmentation: treatment of achromia

Achromia is a white spot on the skin. There is nothing more difficult than correcting a white spot on exposed white skin. Perfect correction of achromia is the pinnacle of technical perfection. There are a few different techniques that can be used, either alone or in combination, and overlapping or in succession. Because of the tattooing nature, only paramedical technicians well-trained in medical micropigmentation in junctional areas (areolas, lips, scalp and hair-growing areas) can perform this type of pigmentation. We at Nouveau Health and Wellness ensure that our providers are master’s of their craft.


Who is Medical Tattooing appropriate for?

Medical Tattooing can be used to treat a variety of situations. A few of the most common ones are outlined below. If you have a question about Medical Tattooing & Permanent Makeup, schedule a consultation today!


Stretch Marks

Post surgical before and after stretch marks.


Post surgical before and after face lift.

With many applications, color restructuring can be used to:

  • Restore the mammary areola after breast cancer treatment or other surgeries to this area
  • Camouflage stable scars
  • Blend in stretch marks
  • Restore pigment to burn victims
  • Reduce visibility of scaring in chemotherapy patients
  • Create the appearance of hair for those with alopecia
  • Whether it is medical, surgical or traumatic in nature, more and more applications are being found, tracing the outlines of a new approach to skin treatment.

With the application of an optional anesthetic cream, the technique is virtually painless. One month later, a second visit takes place to correct the shade to obtain the final result. After each session, applying ice and a soothing cream for the first few days can limit irritation caused by medical tattooing. It is also important to protect the treated area from external irritants (sun, cosmetics, water) to promote optimal healing. If all of these conditions are met, the medical tattoo will last between 3 and 5 years and can be refreshed whenever your patients wish.

Medical Tattooing & Permanent Makeup

There is nothing better than hearing one of my patients say, ‘thank you for helping me feel normal again.’ Hearing their personal stories, their journey, their fight…hearing everything they have been through really touches my soul.


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