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Brow Waxing

Whether you prefer bold, thick brows or a slimmer, more elegant shape, waxing the brows is an excellent way to achieve a look that flatters and frames your face while meeting your personal preferences. At Nouveau Health & Wellness, our expert providers carefully shape the brows while offering a waxing experience that is fast and as pain-free as possible.

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Why Choose Brow Waxing?

You have plenty of options when it comes to shaping the brows, including plucking or threading in addition to waxing. Compared to these other options, waxing tends to look neater and offer the most precise results. It also tends to last longer than plucking or threading. Finally, waxing is a much faster process than other hair removal options. For these reasons, many people prefer both the process and results of brow waxing over plucking or threading.

Nouveau is awesome. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The facility is modern, well equipped and spotless. The laser work I had done was very successful and the botox and IV came off without a hitch. Highly recommend!

I had the best time at Nouveau! Everyone was so friendly and my facial treatment was amazing! Tarica did such a great job making me feel comfortable and left my skin glowing! My skin feels so soft and hydrated days later! Love it here!

Nouveau is the absolute best!!! I’ve been going to them for years now and I won’t go to any other spa! Facials, laser, IVs, everything! I trust them with my skin and know they will always do what is best for me and they treat me like family! Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed! Love you guys!

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The Brow Waxing Procedure

Prior to your brow wax, your provider will discuss your aesthetic preferences with you and make suggestions regarding the brow shape that will look most flattering for your face. If you prefer, you can bring along photos of the look you want to help your provider understand your goal results. Once you have determined your ideal results, the waxing process can begin. After cleansing the brow area, your provider may trim the brows using small scissors if necessary. This can help the brows look more defined and create a cleaner look. Next, the wax will be applied and allowed to harden. The wax will feel warm, but should not burn. Once hardened, the wax will be quickly ripped away to remove stray hairs from the brows. This may be slightly painful, but will hurt less with each subsequent appointment. As needed, your provider may repeat this process to remove hair from between or above the brows. 

After the waxing is complete, your provider will apply a skin-soothing topical to relieve redness and calm the skin. Any remaining out-of-place hairs can be removed using tweezers as needed. After allowing you to check your brows in the mirror to see your results, the appointment is complete.

What to Expect After Brow Waxing

After your brow waxing, you may notice some residual redness, particularly if you have sensitive skin. In between waxing appointments, you should not tweeze or otherwise remove hair at home. This can disrupt the shape of the brows that you have achieved and can make your professional brow waxing more difficult during your next appointment.

How Often Should I Schedule Brow Waxing?

Most people should schedule their brow waxes about four weeks apart. In this time, some hair will re-grow and require removal to maintain your desired shape. You may notice that your eyebrows happen to grow faster or slower and can adjust the timing for your appointments accordingly or by your provider’s advice.

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