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While new cutting-edge treatment is coming out all the time, sometimes it’s the old methods that work the best. Some form of halotherapy has been used since the mid-1800s and involves breathing in salt particles to help clear out the airways and treat certain skin conditions.

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The procedure for halotherapy differs depending on if it’s the dry method or the wet method.

Dry method

For the dry method, halotherapy is usually done in a man-made salt room or “salt cave” that is free of humidity. The temperature is kept cool and sessions are usually between 30-45 minutes.

The halogenerator works by grinding salt into microscopic particles that it then releases into the air. Once you inhale these particles, they can absorb irritants from the respiratory system. They can also reduce inflammation and clear your airways. The same goes for the skin. The particles can absorb bacteria and impurities in the skin.

Wet method

The wet method is done using a mixture of salt and water and can include things like gargling salt water, drinking salt water, bathing in a salt water bath, using salt water for nasal irrigation, or going into a flotation tank that’s filled with salt water.

After halotherapy, feel free to go about your day as you normally would. You will want to drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body and after a couple of hours, you can eat a healthy meal to help support the work the salt is doing.

What is Halotherapy?

‌Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, involves breathing in air with tiny salt particles in it to improve breathing. It’s considered an alternative treatment for health issues like coughing, bronchitis, and asthma.

Halotherapy is often done in spa-like salt rooms and beyond clearing your airways, it can also help you relax and assist with certain skin conditions and allergies.

Types of salt rooms

Halotherapy can be done in two types of salt rooms: active and passive salt rooms.

Active salt rooms include a machine called a halogenerator. The salt is added to the machine and it breaks it down into tiny particles that are then circulated around the room.

A passive salt room is filled with different types of salt and has a controlled temperature and humidity. No machine is moving the salt around the room. These rooms are often used for relaxation rather than halotherapy.

Types of Salt Therapy

Beyond the types of rooms, there are also two types of salt therapy: dry and wet.

Dry salt therapy is what’s known as halotherapy. It’s done in active salt rooms and allows small salt particles to spread through the air and enter the lungs and absorb into the skin.

Wet salt therapy involves bathing in salty water, gargling it, drinking it, or passing it through your nasal cavity.

Benefits Of Halotherapy

Halotherapy has a variety of benefits. One of the major benefits is that, because salt is a natural ingredient, it has no notable side effects.

Some other benefits include:

●      It can clear up mucus from your airways.

●      It can help prevent infections.

●      It can be used as an anti-inflammatory

●      It has immunity-boosting properties.

●      The treatment can help fight allergies.

●      It can be used as part of the treatment for lung infections, COPD, throat infections, colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, and pneumonia.

●      Can repair skin cells.

●      Can protect the skin from aging.

●      Can help with acne, rosacea, eczema, or rash

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