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If you notice that your skin appears dull, rough, or has an uneven texture, dermaplaning treatment can be a surprisingly simple solution. This non-invasive treatment is an effective way to exfoliate while also removing the small, soft hair from the face. In doing so, dermaplaning creates a smoother and more luminous look while also allowing for easier application of makeup and skincare products. At Nouveau Health and Wellness in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, our expert providers frequently recommend dermaplaning as a treatment option for common issues including dullness or dryness, fine lines, or sun damage. 

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What is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure in which an exfoliating blade is used to remove dead skin cells and other debris from the surface of the skin. It also removes the short, smooth, “peach fuzz” hair from the face.

Nouveau is awesome. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The facility is modern, well equipped and spotless. The laser work I had done was very successful and the botox and IV came off without a hitch. Highly recommend!

I had the best time at Nouveau! Everyone was so friendly and my facial treatment was amazing! Tarica did such a great job making me feel comfortable and left my skin glowing! My skin feels so soft and hydrated days later! Love it here!

Nouveau is the absolute best!!! I’ve been going to them for years now and I won’t go to any other spa! Facials, laser, IVs, everything! I trust them with my skin and know they will always do what is best for me and they treat me like family! Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed! Love you guys!

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Benefits of Dermaplaning 

Dermaplaning can be beneficial for many skin types or concerns. Many patients find that removing the dead skin cells and hair from the face makes it easier to apply makeup or skincare products while also creating a smoother and more luminous appearance. In addition to these benefits, dermaplaning can be beneficial for patients who have:

  • Acne scars
  • Dullness
  • Dry skin
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines

The Dermaplaning Procedure

The dermaplaning procedure is quite similar to shaving. After thoroughly cleansing your skin, your provider will aim a sterile blade against the skin, slowly and gently dragging it across the skin’s surface at a 45-degree angle. This works to clear away dead or damaged skin cells as well as dirt and debris while shaving away the hair. This process will usually take about 20-30 minutes to complete and is completely pain-free. After the dermaplaning is complete, your aesthetician will then apply serums according to your skin type and concerns.

What to Expect After Dermaplaning 

Dermaplaning is unlikely to cause side effects, and no downtime is required after the treatment. You may notice some redness or a dry or tight sensation similar to a sunburn, which should last no longer than two to three days after the procedure. Other patients may immediately notice a brighter or smoother complexion, with full results typically noticeable within a few days after the dermaplaning treatment. 

Following your treatment, it is especially important to avoid direct sun exposure and to wear appropriate SPF at all times. Your provider can explain a suitable skincare routine, including SPF, that will keep your skin healthy after your dermaplaning treatment. 

Dermaplaning removes up to three weeks’ worth of dead and damaged skin cells. Results are not permanent, and typically last for three weeks to a month. You can choose to schedule routine dermaplaning treatments to maintain your smooth, bright, and clear complexion. During a consultation, your expert provider can recommend the best long-term skincare plan for you, including repeated dermaplaning sessions.

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To learn more about dermaplaning, schedule a consultation at Nouveau Health and Wellness in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Call our office at (561) 240-3000 or contact us online to set up your first appointment.

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