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Infrared Sauna Therapy

Saunas have been used for centuries to help with stress and certain health issues, but infrared sauna therapy is relatively new. Instead of heating up the whole room, infrared sauna therapy uses infrared light directed at the body to give you the same benefits with much less heat.

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There really isn’t much to infrared sauna therapy. Once you arrive at the clinic, a staff member will lead you into the infrared sauna and turn on the infrared lamps. You’ll sit in the room for anywhere between 30-45 minutes and enjoy the benefits of the heat.

But there are some tips you can follow when you’re first getting started.

At your first session, start low at about 110 degrees and only stay for about 10 minutes. See how you feel and then build up from there.

As go to more sessions, you can do longer sessions at higher temperatures. Limiting yourself to 3-4 times a week is recommended so you don’t put too much stress on the body.

You’ll also want to bring water with you. When you’re sweating, water is leaving your body and you can become dehydrated. You’ll want to drink plenty of water during your session.

After infrared sauna therapy, you can go back to your everyday life. There is no downtime or recovery period needed.

You will want to shower after to wash off any toxins and sweat that came out while in the sauna. You don’t want those to get reabsorbed into the skin.

What is Infrared Sauna Therapy?

An infrared sauna uses light to heat your body instead of the traditional stove or hot rocks. The infrared light heats the body directly instead of warming the air which, in turn, warms the body.

Another difference between infrared saunas and traditional saunas is the temperature. An infrared sauna only heats up to between 110 degrees Fahrenheit and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. A traditional sauna often gets to temperatures between 150-195 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the infrared sauna experience much more comfortable while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a traditional sauna.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

There are numerous benefits to getting infrared sauna therapy. Some of them include:

Improved Heart Health

Being in an infrared sauna can often mimic the experience you have while performing moderate exercise. Your blood vessels widen, your heart rate picks up, and your blood flow increases. This can boost heart health and even reduce blood pressure.

Soothing Sore Muscles

The improved blood circulation that comes with sitting in a sauna can also help speed up muscle recovery after intense physical activity. Athletes often use a sauna to help soothe sore muscles quickly and effectively.


Infrared saunas are also great for relaxation. It can decrease stress and anxiety and be like a meditation session in warmer temperatures.

Fighting off Illness

There’s also evidence that regular sauna use can help prevent certain illnesses like the common cold. It has also been associated with helping to prevent heart disease, headaches, arthritis, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Does infrared sauna therapy sound like just the thing you’ve been looking for? Scheduling a consultation with Nouveau Health and Wellness is a great next step. We can answer any questions you have and recommend other forms of treatment that go well with infrared sauna therapy.

To schedule a consultation today, call us at our Palm Beach Gardens, FL office at (561) 240-3000 or use our online booking form

Nouveau is awesome. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The facility is modern, well equipped and spotless. The laser work I had done was very successful and the botox and IV came off without a hitch. Highly recommend!

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Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

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