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Benefits of Float Tank Therapy

Float tank therapy is a unique and beneficial treatment Nouveau Health & Wellness offers. This therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, involves immersing your body in warm water mixed with Epsom salt to achieve a state of weightlessness and profound relaxation. It’s quickly becoming the preferred choice of those seeking improved physical and mental health.

Whether you want to reduce stress, improve your mental or physical health, or simply relax, Nouveau Health & Wellness provides a safe and professional environment to explore float tank therapy and discover its positive effects. Utilizing this treatment as part of your mindful wellness journey can help take your health and well-being to the next level.

What Is Float Tank Therapy?

Float tank therapy is a therapeutic practice that utilizes a large tank filled with Epsom salt and warm water to create a peaceful environment for relaxation and sensory deprivation. The Epsom salt allows users to effortlessly float on their back while relieving pressure on their joints and muscles.

At the same time, the soundproof and dark room eliminates external distractions and creates a calming atmosphere. The salt solution is beneficial for stress relief and alleviating body pain.

Our spacious 6.5ft x 9.5ft sensory deprivation room allows for an enjoyable and comfortable experience for those with sensitivities.

Benefits Of Float Tank Therapy

Eases Anxiety and Stress

Float tank therapy is a great way to reduce and manage anxiety and stress. Creating a sensory deprivation environment promotes deep relaxation and helps alleviate the tension resulting from everyday life. The therapy can lead to reduced anxiety levels and give you a feeling of serenity and calm.

Muscle Tension Relief

Floating in our sensory deprivation room creates a profoundly relaxing experience that helps to reduce muscle tension. The atmosphere in the tank encourages deep relaxation, allowing the body to release muscle tension. The comforting weightlessness of floating in the water and the Epson salt in the water also helps the muscles relax and recover and reduces the pressure on the body’s muscles and joints for even greater relief.

Improved Sleep

Float tank therapy helps to improve sleep quality and overall sleep patterns by addressing anxiety and inducing deep relaxation. This relaxing experience can help sleep-related disorders by promoting sound and restful nights.

Migraine Relief

Float tank therapy can also help with migraine relief by relieving stress, relaxing muscles, calming the mind, and creating an environment for therapeutic relaxation, potentially preventing migraines or reducing their severity.


Float tank therapy can help to rid the body of toxins such as free radicals by utilizing Epsom salt, which is high in magnesium. This therapy works by aiding the body’s natural detoxification processes and improving your health and wellness.

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