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How Does Brow Lamination Work?

If you hear the word “lamination,” you might think of a plastic coating that protects things such as ID cards, menus, or diplomas– however, when it regards beauty treatments, brow lamination is a fast-growing styling trend that instantly gives your eyebrows a full, fluffy look. The treatment removes any kinks, curls, or texture to make the brows lie straight. Unlike microneedling or microblading, lamination is a non-invasive, chemical treatment that doesn’t rely on needles, leaving many patients wondering just how it works.

The Brow Lamination Procedure

Brow lamination is a simple process that produces dramatic results in just three steps:

  1. First, your brow technician will cleanse the area to remove makeup, bacteria, oils, or perspiration. Next, they’ll spread a perm solution lifting cream on your brows to soften the hairs for reshaping.
  2. The cream will sit in place for around five minutes as it makes hairs malleable– if you have thick hairs, this process may take longer.
  3. Once the cream is fully processed, it is then removed and replaced with a setting cream or neutralizer to reform and set the hair into its new shape. This substance stays on the hair for a few minutes before your tech guides the hairs into the desired vertical direction with a spoolie.

In total, brow lamination typically takes about one hour and lasts about six to eight weeks. After your session, you may also be offered tinting, waxing, or stray hair tweezing for comprehensive results.

The Science Behind Brow Laminating

Brow lamination is akin to the basic principles of hair perming– whether on our eyebrows or our scalp, hair is made of keratin proteins. Disulfide bonds hold these proteins together. If these bonds break, the hair becomes pliable and can be modified. By breaking down these bonds, and then lifting and putting the hairs in place, brow lamination can make your eyebrows look fuller, fluffier, and sleeker.

Benefits of Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a no-maintenance procedure that produces a defined and streamlined look, but beyond that, eyebrow lamination can be individualized for each person’s eye shape, face shape, and desired brow shape for a personalized look.

Eyebrows can be dramatically laminated to look brushed-up and fluffy or styled to look sleek and straight. Natural eyebrow hairs typically grow downward, so lifting them upward can give your eyes a more alert, youthful look. Pulling the eyebrow hairs upward creates the illusion of fuller brows.

Another advantage of brow lamination is that it works for all types of hair. Fine hairs often are thickened and strengthened with treatment, while curly hair is smoothed, meaning even after effects wear off, residual results remain. Brow lamination is also a pain-free, no-maintenance treatment that removes the need for daily brow makeup.

Brow Lamination in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Brow lamination is a great, non-invasive treatment for getting fluffier, fuller brows with minimal upkeep. If you’re unhappy with using gels, powders, and eyebrow pencils to make your eyebrows look lush and lifted, brow lamination is a striking, on-trend alternative. At Nouveau Health and Wellness, our highly trained, compassionate professionals are ready to give your eyebrows plenty of oomph! Contact one of our brow specialists now to set up an appointment and experience this exciting eyebrow styling technique.