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Lipotropic Injections Explained

Lipotropic Injections

Methionine Insitol Choline (MIC) Injections, also referred to as Lipotropic Injections are utilized to target primary fat deposits and release fat throughout the body. These injections have been shown to boost energy, enhance mood, increase fat metabolism, improve sleep, strengthen and improve quality of hair and nails, as well as the skin.

The way it all works is by injecting these amino acids into the body thereby stimulating your liver and in turn increasing the body’s metabolism. These injections last just under a week, so it is recommended to receive the injections twice a week, and include a Vitamin B12 shot for maximum benefit. This 2 to 1 ratio can be alternated as well, so that a person is receiving two B12 shots a week and 1 Liprotopic. Vitamin B12 also increases metabolic function and works synergistically with the MIC. This protocol, along with a healthy nutrition and exercise regimen will produce the greatest results.

Some essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are metabolism boosters:

  • Methionin, Insitol, Choline – Burns Fat
  • Vitamin B12 – Provides Energy
  • L-Carnitine – Increases Metabolism

Now, let’s really break it down…

Understanding there is NO magic pill or potion to make us lose weight is important. We know that gaining weight is not due to just one factor! It is more so a combination of factors including diet, hormone imbalances, lack of sleep, nutrient imbalances, and immune system disparities. Understanding all of these factors makes it more clear as to why losing weight may require more than just 1 therapy.

How does MIC & B12 fit in?

The B12 helps to boost your metabolism and increase your energy which both indirectly lead to weight loss. Additionally, the MIC portion of the protocol helps the body increase its normal fat burning amounts during exercise! This combintion of MIC and B12 can really help to improve your overall weight (body composition), and for best results, they should ALWAYS be a component of a complete weight loss/exercise/nutrition treatment plan.

Exercise + Diet + Reduced Stress Levels + Balanced Hormones + Sleep = A Solid Plan

The benefits of the Lipotropic injections don’t stop with weight loss. If you are having difficulty sleeping (which can contribute to weight gain) these injections may help! Vitamin B12 has been shown to improve the depth and quality of sleep within studies. Please note, not all B12 is created equally, and high quality B12 in methylcobalamin form is crucial. Improved mood and focus, significantly increase in energy, healthier hair, nails, and skin are all added benefits!

As with just about anything and everything out on the market today, or even in the clinical setting, like here at Nouveau Health & Wellness, the potential to achieve the desired results directly correlates to following proper protocols and using the products correctly.

If you have questions please let us know! Our experienced Medical Providers and Paramedical Aesthetician are here to help! Nouveau Health & Wellness is an integrative and functional anti-aging medical facility specializing in: Weight Loss, Dysport, Botox, Restylane Fillers, IV Vitamin Nutrient Therapy, Hormone Therapy (Bio-identical, Creams, and Injectable), SilkPeel DERMALINFUSION, Facials, Waxing (Both Men & Women), Microneedling Treatments and more. Contact us today for a consultation!