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Perfect Lip Pout With Filler

The path to the perfect lip pout with lip filler!

Lips are one of my favorite injectable treatments to do.  I love that no one single lip is the same and that it varies person to person.  When taking on a lip patient to create the perfect lip pout using filler, I look for any asymmetries and observe the clients natural lip shape.  Blood vessels and any other anatomical issues are then taken into consideration.  I absolutely love using Kysse for this treatment! It’s important to set realistic goals and look at pictures to achieve my clients dream lips!

Here’s a set of lips that I did that turned out beautiful!

Perfect lip pout

Schedule your new lips at our Palm Beach Gardens location.  Just don’t forget to bring me some pictures on the lips you want.  When choosing pictures of your ideal lips, try to keep in mind the shape of your lips.  Are the “M”-shaped?  Is your upper lip “flat”?  All of these unique qualities are factors in creating and matching the lips you want.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t create you a masterpiece if your lip style doesn’t match the pics.  After, I’m a master injector and have been creating the perfect pout for almost 20 years.

Follow us on Instagram to see some of my work and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments.  I’d love to hear some feedback.  One final thought on lips, you may have some initial swelling, so don’t freak out.  Not everyone does, but if you do, the swelling will go away in about a day.  After the swelling goes away, I still recommend that you “don’t love or hate anything for two weeks.”  After that time period, I like to bring my patients back in to do a quick follow up and if any tweaks are needed, we’ll do it.

See you soon,

Brianne Dobson, PA-C
Nouveau Health & Wellness