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Stop Snoring Without Surgery: What is Nightlase?

People like to make jokes that their snoring partner can be heard in the next county over, but despite poking fun at this sometimes annoying condition, snoring is a serious health condition. Almost everyone snores occasionally to some extent, but some people have a real physical or emotional problem with their snoring.

Nouveau Health & Wellness in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, uses a solution called Nightlase to help sleepers stop snoring and stay sleeping for longer.

What Is Nightlase?

During sleep, the soft tissue in the back of the throat relaxes and partially blocks the airway. Because of this, the sleeper cannot breathe normally and, in struggling to inhale, produces a snore. This type of physical issue leading to snoring is called obstructive sleep apnea. The Fotana non-surgical laser treatment, called Nightlase, helps to repair the tissue causing snoring.

How Does Nightlase Work?

During your Nightlase treatment, your provider will use a Fotana Er:YAG laser to gently heat the soft tissue at the back of the throat called the soft palate. The applied heat will work to tighten up this soft, loose tissue by activating the body’s natural healing response to stimulate collagen, a naturally existing protein that is known for tightening aging skin. Once tightened, the airway will become more open, making breathing during sleep an easier and quieter experience

The procedure takes around 20 minutes and is done once a month for three months. Sleepers will notice improvement the first night after treatment and, as time passes, their snoring will continue to improve.

Common Causes Of Snoring

Along with sleep apnea, other common causes of snoring include:

• Obesity.

• Stress and/or anger.

• The use of alcohol.

• The use of sedatives.

• Chronic stuffy nose.

• Deviated septum.

Just because a snore is produced during sleep, does not mean the individual is suffering from OSA. A soft, albeit bothersome, buzzing sound during sleep can be caused by one of the above health issues. Anything louder represents a difficulty in breathing such as in obstructive sleep apnea. This should be checked by a doctor.

Nightlase Benefits

Nouveau Health & Wellness in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, offers Nightlase treatments to patients struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of their snoring and to those wishing to experience the following benefits:

• Non-invasive treatments. The administration of the laser is so soft that patients don’t even feel it.

• No facial device is required. Patients will no longer need to sleep with a facial device on.

• Treatment is chemical-free.

• Treatment is safe and approved by the FDA.

• No local anesthetic. There’s no need to be anesthetized before the procedure.

• Nightlase treats both snoring as well as sleep apnea.

• Better daytime sharpness. Good sleep makes the brain more aware, with better cognition and sharper focus.

• Better health. Heart health, blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue are among the many health conditions that are improved by healthy, restful sleep.

• Highly effective. Nightlase has a success rate of 95% and is the most highly recommended treatment for snoring.

Schedule A Consultation

Up until now, the only options for treating snoring and sleep apnea have been uncomfortable, sometimes loud, masks, chemical medications, or other external devices like mouth guards. Nightlase offers an exciting new way to treat snoring and sleep apnea without all the fussy equipment and medications. To see if Nightlase treatments are right for you, schedule a consultation at Nouveau Health & Wellness by filling out our online form. We are here to help patients in Palm Beach Gardens realize restful sleep every night of the week.