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2022 Team Nouveau Applications Now OPEN


We have been asked hundreds of times over the years if we have an ambassador program.  We have also considered starting an ambassador program almost that exact number of times.

So, we are now pleased to announce that we now have an ambassador program!

Apply to become part of TEAM NOUVEAU for the 2022 Season!

We are looking for: runners, CrossFit athletes, triathletes, IFBB athletes, WNBF athletes, swimmers, coaches, and other athletes of all types + abilities (your enthusiasm matters, your speed/strength/placing does not).  People who enjoy connecting with their sweaty community online or in person, and who have a passion for sport should apply.

Read below to see what is involved in being a member of TEAM NOUVEAU and if it sounds like you, please submit an application! We will look through each application and select our 2022 team by January 1, 2022.  Team spots are limited, and the application deadline is Thursday, December 30, 2021.


There will be no cost associated with applying for or joining TEAM NOUVEAU.  If you are accepted, you will receive all of the team membership perks and discounts.  While spots on our team roster are limited, we encourage everyone that is interested to apply.

Criteria for Selecting Team Members:

  • Selected athletes will represent a wide range of backgrounds, sports, and ability levels
  • We seek athletes who are supportive, motivated, and have a positive outlook
  • We seek athletes who are eager to support and encourage their teammates
  • The minimum age acceptance is 18 years old
  • Must have a US shipping address
  • Must have an active, public social media account(s): i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

TEAM NOUVEAU Perks (what you get from us)

  • Special TEAM NOUVEAU Discounts on all Nouveau Health & Wellness products & services
  • Initial TEAM NOUVEAU credit on your team account to be used towards any Nouveau Health & Wellness products or services
  • Credit of NovoTHOR® treatment sessions
  • Credit of THOR LX2 ® treatment sessions
  • Credit of Athletic Performance IV treatments
  • Credit of Ozone treatments
  • Credit of NormaTec Recovery® treatments
  • Free protein shaker & training t-shirt
  • Special, unique discount codes to be used by your community and ability to earn commission on your code
  • Earn additional TEAM NOUVEAU Perks throughout the 2022 Season:
    • Blog post/Product reviews: Additional banked dollars, additional NovoTHOR® treatments, additional NormaTec Recovery® treatments
    • Podium finish in category/overall/age group: Additional banked dollars, additional NovoTHOR® treatments, additional NormaTec Recovery® treatments, additional Athletic Performance IV treatments
  • Invitation to exclusive team gatherings
  • Individual profile on team’s webpage consisting of pictures, your race/competition schedule, race/competition recaps, results, etc.

 TEAM NOUVEAU Guidelines (what we expect from you)

  • Be respectful. Athletes chosen for TEAM NOUVEAU are brand ambassadors and need to behave accordingly. Any action that may negatively affect the integrity of the Nouveau Health & Wellness brand (i.e. doping, cheating at event) is cause for termination from the team
  • Train using TEAM NOUVEAU merchandise. Not every day but include our training shirt in with your training clothes rotation.  Bring your shaker bottle to hydrate, etc.  We understand that some of our members will have ties to other teams and clubs, but we still want our members to represent TEAM NOUVEAU as much as possible
  • Promote (honestly + genuinely) Nouveau Health & Wellness as a brand and our products available for sport performance
  • Share any promotions, campaigns, or initiatives via social media and word of mouth
  • Come to a team event. We strongly encourage our members to attend a team gathering to learn about our sport performance treatments and therapies
  • Make sure to like/follow all Nouveau Health & Wellness social channels. Engage with Nouveau Health & Wellness, post pictures on your social accounts that Nouveau Health & Wellness can share, and make sure to use the hashtags #teamnouveau #onlynouveau
  • Refrain from publicly promoting any products from conflicting Health & Wellness companies

 Click here to apply for the 2022 season

If there are any specific questions, please email: