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Life Coaching


Do you feel like you are sometimes just spinning your wheels… or like life is passing you by? Would you like to make changes in your life, but feel like it’s hard to gain any traction?

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To say life can be difficult, or at times challenging, is truly an understatement. The struggle is definitely real! Often times, it’s easy to get discouraged when you feel as if you have tried everything to make positive change, yet nothing seems to work. It is then, that we tend to lose motivation. Who is with me on this?

News flash… There is a silver lining here!
This is where the foundation of your transformational growth process begins. This is where you begin to do you! While these “not so awesome” feelings can be hard to sit with sometimes, it is these moments where you channel that energy into something new and positive. The hidden gift of these difficult, or even painful feelings is the motivation to finally do something different. Your frustration is pushing you forward into an opportunity of self-exploration, discovery, and a happier new reality. It is giving you the courage to do something really positive! This is where having a life coach can make all the difference.

(Smart goals + real results + lasting change = A Happier You).


Whether it’s gaining clarity on your overall life purpose, improving your health, growing your business, creating a more fulfilling relationship, or overcoming a challenge…you have come to the right place! Together we will create a winning game plan. One that is best for you and only you. Life coaching at Nouveau Health & Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  It is about personal growth, creating boundaries, and achieving goals. In our one-on-one sessions, we will explore and develop plans to:

  • Create a vision for your ideal life by gaining improved clarity about what is most important to you
  • Connect or reconnect with your intuition and learn to trust yourself
  • Discover what really drives you and makes you excited…your life purpose
  • Replace old habits with new and improved habits that serve you better
  • Identify and overcome hidden obstacles that may cause fear or doubt
  • Improve your focus and time management
  • Ignite your creativity
  • Achieve your short and long term goals through your action plan
  • Break free from limiting beliefs
  • Get “unstuck”
  • Release guilt or wanting more
  • Gain self confidence and improve self esteem
  • And so much more

Nouveau is awesome. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The facility is modern, well equipped and spotless. The laser work I had done was very successful and the botox and IV came off without a hitch. Highly recommend!

I had the best time at Nouveau! Everyone was so friendly and my facial treatment was amazing! Tarica did such a great job making me feel comfortable and left my skin glowing! My skin feels so soft and hydrated days later! Love it here!

Nouveau is the absolute best!!! I’ve been going to them for years now and I won’t go to any other spa! Facials, laser, IVs, everything! I trust them with my skin and know they will always do what is best for me and they treat me like family! Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed! Love you guys!

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Working Together We Can Do Big Things

Throughout our journey together we will explore various facets of your life. Two very key factors will be:

  1. What Are Your Goals?
  2. What makes you genuinely happy and fulfilled in both your personal and/or professional life?

By exploring these two key factors together, we will focus on bridging the gap of where you currently are today, and where you would like to be in your ideal future self.  We will develop and implement a practical plan to get you there.  My role as a life coach is to provide you with tools to help you achieve your goals.  Whether it’s unlocking your creativity, or gaining insight to achieve the vision you have for yourself.

We will explore obstacles or blocks that you may or may not realize are keeping you “stuck”.  You will learn to let go of your fears, misunderstandings, and perceived limitations to make way for clarity and confidence!

If you are ready to achieve happiness and fulfillment in both your personal and/or professional life please contact me or schedule an appointment and together we will move forward.

Understanding Life Coaching vs Therapy

An easy way to think of the difference is Therapy focuses on recovery, while Coaching focuses on discovery.  Together we will focus on the future and ask, “What is possible?”


Just like you, I have had to grow, evolve, and adapt throughout my life.  There have been times where I have felt extremely grateful and blessed, and other times I have found myself just scratching my head!  Through many of my own life experiences, one thing has always remained constant.  I love helping people.  I love watching people smile and discover their own inner happiness.  I love watching people have those a-ha moments where suddenly everything just makes perfect sense.  Everyone’s journey is unique, and we all have our own special set of gifts.  Sometimes the hardest part is just being able to see your own.

My goal is to help you create fulfillment, freedom, and a sense of overall peace. Together we will create meaning and help you discover what really makes you smile from the inside.  You may ask, but how do we get there? We will do this together by helping you to identify areas that are holding you back and create practical solutions to help you move forward. Sounds easy right?  Actually this will take hard work, dedication, and patience with yourself.  The most important piece to this puzzle is YOU.  You have to be ready to take action steps to improve your life, with lots of genuine support and guidance from me.  After all, it’s the only life you get, and this is one of the most important investments YOU will ever make!

Talk soon,


All Things Beauty, Wellness & Athletics at Nouveau in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Nouveau Health & Wellness is an award-winning family wellness center in the Palm Beach area. Our services integrate conventional medicine with holistic, complementary, and alternative approaches to health care.

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When partnering with me as your Coach, you are aligning yourself with a strategic partner and asserting a firm commitment to make realistic, attainable, and dynamic changes in your world.  Together we will facilitate growth in your potential, gifts, and overall life purpose.

*Many successful people have coaches!

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