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Float Tank Therapy

Destress, relax, and relieve tension in your muscles with flotation tank therapy. The process involves floating in a sensory deprivation tank and allows you to completely forget the outside world and all your troubles. Because ours is built into a 9.5ftx6.5ft room and is a float tank (not a pod), there is no lid to close which is a common issue for those with claustrophobia.

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The procedure for float tank therapy is pretty simple. It starts by arriving at the clinic. The staff will ask you to remove all your clothing and jewelry. You’ll shower before entering the tank and then a staff member will help you into the tank.

Since our float tank at Nouveau Health and Wellness has no lid, if you have claustrophobia or simply don’t like small, enclosed spaces, you likely won’t have any issues.

You just need to lie down and the water will do the work to help you float. Music may play or it may be completely silent. Sessions typically last an hour and when you’re done, you’ll get out of the tank, shower, dress, and then be on your way.

To prepare for your session, you’ll want to eat beforehand so your stomach doesn’t growl while in the tank. You’ll also want to avoid caffeine at least four hours before.

You’ll also want to avoid shaving or waxing before a session as the salt could irritate your skin.

Additionally, if you’re menstruating, you’ll want to reschedule your session.

It has been shown to lead to side effects like hallucination and enhanced creativity but everyone’s experience is different.

After flotation tank therapy, you’ll shower, but beyond that, you can go back to your daily routine. There is no downtime or recovery necessary.

What is Float Tank Therapy?

Flotation tank therapy, also known as sensory deprivation therapy, involves laying in our 9.5×6.5ft tank filled with Epsom salt and water that is heated to the skin’s temperature. The high salt concentration in the tank makes it easier for you to float on your back.

Besides being filled with salt water, the tank is usually soundproof and dark to provide a sensory deprivation experience. This encourages a quiet, meditative state. The salt also helps with stress relief and aches and pains.

What Sets Nouveau’s Float Tank Therapy Apart

The feeling of weightlessness that comes with floating is hard to achieve with any other form of therapy or device. You get a sense of detachment from the world which can help you destress and achieve a sense of calm.

The tank is also quite large so that you can stretch out without touching any of the walls of the tank. At Nouveau Health and Wellness, our float tank is 9.5 feet by 6.5 feet and built right into the room which makes it perfect for tall athletes as well as a couple that wants to float together.

Our float tank also comes with a beautiful view of constellation lights to help you relax even further during your session.

Benefits of Float Tank Therapy

There are a number of different benefits of float tank therapy. The main benefits include easing anxiety and stress and helping with muscle tension but it can also do much more than that.

Some of the other benefits of float tank therapy include:

Better sleep

Float tank therapy can help with your sleep. A 2016 study found that it can have significant benefits for people who have difficulty sleeping. Because it can help with anxiety and anxiety can often lead to poor sleep, it takes care of two issues at once.

Pain relief

Time in a float tank can also help with chronic pain from aching muscles. The overall feeling of relaxation you get from the therapy can soothe tense muscles and in turn, relieve pain.

Stress can also cause pain and with the stress relief you get from being in the tank, you can relieve your pain and stress at the same time.

But this isn’t just limited to pains in the body. It can work for migraines as well. This is especially the case if your migraines are triggered by stress.


Because Epsom salt is high in magnesium, it can help remove harmful substances from your body such as free radicals. Free radicals are often associated with the development of cancers and autoimmune disorders.

Schedule A Consultation

Are you looking to become completely relaxed and ease your aches and pains? Flotation tank therapy at Nouveau Health and Wellness may be the perfect option for you.

To schedule a consultation today, call us at our Palm Beach Gardens location at (561) 240-3000 or use our online scheduling form. We look forward to helping you relax and de-stress.

What is float tank therapy and how does it work?

Float tank therapy is a sensory deprivation therapy that is meant to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, muscle tension, and other mental and physical ailments. A soundproof room with dimmed lighting has a small pool in it filled with warm Epsom salt water. This water is easy to float in and the relaxing environment of the room provides therapeutic benefits.

How is Nouveau's float tank therapy different from others?

Unlike float tank therapy at other wellness locations, the float tanks at Nouveau Health and Wellness are in their own private rooms. This means that they are more spacious and there is no lid being closed on you when you enter the tank. This is beneficial for individuals with claustrophobia, or those who need more space, making it a more inclusive experience.

What are the benefits of float tank therapy?

Some of the benefits of float tank therapy include:n•tDecreased stressn•tDecreased anxietyn•tRelax muscle tensionn•tRelief from fatigue caused by insomnian•tRelief pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, joint pain, or other chronic illnessesn•tAccelerate healingn•tDeepen meditation practice

How does float tank therapy help with anxiety and stress?

Float tank therapy is a form of sensory deprivation therapy also known as floatation-REST (Reduced environmental stimulation therapy). By floating in a comfortable supine position and reducing all kinds of sensory input to the nervous system, float tanks provide an atmosphere that calms the mind and body. It can also help deepen mindfulness and meditation practices, which can help ease symptoms and triggers related to depression and anxiety.

Is float tank therapy suitable for individuals with claustrophobia?

Most float tanks are big pods that close with a lid. For people with claustrophobia, this can be a very daunting and uncomfortable experience. At Nouveau Health and Wellness, we recognize that this approach to float tank therapy may not be suitable for those suffering from claustrophobia which is why we conduct our float tank therapy sessions in private rooms with tall ceilings and doors. There are no locks, lids, or tight spaces to worry about.

How long is a typical float tank session and what can I expect during this time?

Each float tank session typically lasts an hour. When you arrive for your appointment, you will remove all jewelry and clothes before showering and being helped into the tank. The water is heated to the temperature of the body so you should not have to adjust to the temperature at all. Each room has constellation lights in the ceiling for you to gaze at while you float, and you have the option to have calm music playing or complete silence. Once you have finished, you will shower again and get dressed.

Benefits of Float Tank Therapy

Float tank therapy is a unique and beneficial treatment Nouveau Health & Wellness offers. This therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, involves immersing your…

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