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How Long Does Stretch Mark Camouflage Last?

Stretch marks are left behind when the skin expands quickly, such as during pregnancy when weight is quickly gained. Stretch marks are uncomfortable and cause a great deal of shame and embarrassment. Fortunately, new treatments are available to improve the condition and help people feel more confident in their appearance.

Stretch Mark Treatment Options

There are several at-home creams and serums available for stretch marks but these are not effective for every person and they can take months before you start seeing results. Surgery is also an option but this is an invasive measure that requires a long recovery and can leave scars that are just as unappealing. At Nouveau Health and Wellness, we offer stretch mark camouflage for a quick and easy solution for your stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Camouflage Treatment

Stretch mark camouflage uses tattooing to cover up healed white stretch mark lines. It’s a form of tattooing called micropigmentation and the pigments used are customized to match each client’s skin tone. By tattooing over the visible stretch marks, their appearance is blended into the surrounding skin so that you will have smooth, unblemished skin.

How Long Does Stretch Mark Camouflage Last?

The results of your stretch mark camouflage treatment can last 3-7 years. To maintain your results for the longest-lasting solution, make sure to avoid sun exposure and keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Other factors like your immune system and how well your skin accepts the ink may also impact the longevity of your results but if they fade quicker than you like, another appointment can be scheduled to maintain the results.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are bothered by your stretch marks, consider this innovative treatment at Nouveau Health and Wellness. Our goal is to help our clients feel confident and beautiful so that they can enjoy the things they love without worrying about their appearance. Schedule a consultation today by calling our office or filling out an online contact form.