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The Science Behind IV Therapy: How It Works and Why It is Effective

The Science Behind IV Therapy: How It Works and Why It is Effective

Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is an efficient and accessible way to boost and maintain one’s wellness in very little time. IV Therapy makes it possible to introduce required nutrients, vitamins, medicines directly into the blood stream. Yet, what scientific principles underpin IV therapy? Join us as we explore the mechanisms and the reasons behind the profound efficacy of IV Therapy.

Direct Delivery into the Bloodstream

The basic premise of IV therapy is that, with your veins as the path, nutrients, and vitamins will be delivered straight into your bloodstream without being filtered through your digestive system first. Traditional oral supplements must go through your digestive system before having any positive effect in your body, slowing down the process. With IV therapy you get the full dose of vitamins and minerals helping to relieve problems realted to intestinal health, drugs or metabolic problems.

Immediate Therapeutic Effects

The immediacy of IV absorption translates into nearly immediate therapeutic effects, on a cellular level, that can be quite dramatic. Whether by replenishing hydration in the case of dehydration or hangover, correcting oxidative stress and providing an immune boost through a vitamin C drip, or administering magnesium, IV therapy can rapidly restore the body to a state of efficient functioning.

High Bioavailability

The term bioavailability refers to the portion of a substance that enters into circulation when introduced to the body and is therefore able to have a therapeutic effect. Oral supplements need to be broken down by the stomach and processed by the liver – a process that can decrease the bioavailability, drastically reducing what the body receives. With IV treatment, we can approach 100 percent bioavailability, meaning that the vitamins, minerals, and most medications we administer are going straight to where they are needed without losing benefits within the liver.

Customizable Treatments

The second advantage of IV therapy is the ability to custom-tailor treatment to the unique needs of each individual and design a personalized IV formula for any health goal, whether that goal is optimizing immune function, enhancing athletic performance, or revitalization after taxing environmental conditions. Through IV therapy, we can offer an unparalleled level of precision in health and wellness compared with oral supplements.

Schedule a Consultation

Nouveau Health and Wellness offers IV therapy tailored to match the individual needs of you or your loved ones. As part of an IV therapy treatment plan, you can receive IV drip therapy infusions. This IV treatment not only provides special vitamins, but also helps to optimize stem cell treatment. Our healthcare professionals are ready to meet your medical needs and create a personalized IV treatment plan for you. If IV therapy is something that can help you achieve your health goals, please contact us to ask.