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Reasons to Consider Float Tank Therapy

If you are having trouble sleeping, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, or experiencing physical pain, float tank therapy may be able to help you. In addition to relieving these frustrations, float tank therapy poses many other great benefits.

What Is Float Tank Therapy?

Float tank therapy is a sensory deprivation tank where you can forget about everything that troubles you in the outside world. The lack of light and sound in the tank makes it easy to remove yourself from the world and the troubles it may be causing you.

The water contains Epsom salt, an ingredient that makes objects more buoyant, making it easier for you to float on your back. The salt also encourages you to fall into a meditative state by relieving stress and any aches and pains that you may have. The water is always comfortable because it is heated to your skin’s temperature.

Despite the name, float tank therapy does not occur in an actual tank. Instead, the pods are in rooms with lids that stay open to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

What Does a Float Tank Therapy Session Look Like?

To take full advantage of these results, it is best to avoid caffeine for four hours leading up to your appointment. You may also want to refrain from waxing or exfoliating the skin, as the saltwater may irritate it.

Now, your sensory deprivation experience can begin. Before you can enter the tank, you will need to take off your jewelry and clothes and shower to cleanse the body. Once helped into the tank, you will lie down on your back while calming music plays. If you prefer silence, that is okay too. After the hour is up, you will get out of the tank, take a shower again, and get dressed to go home.

Reasons to Consider Float Tank Therapy.

You may wish to experience the following sensations from float tank therapy:

Increased Creativity

An increase in intuition, imagination, and originality leads to increased creativity.

Improved Concentration and Focus

Older studies have shown that sensory deprivation improves your concentration and focus. Your thoughts may even be clearer and more precise. Sensory deprivation is also responsible for improving people’s school performance.

Improved Athletic Performance

Sensory deprivation speeds up recovery times for athletes because it decreases blood lactate. It also helps improve these athletes’ performances. A study also showed that subjects’ psychological recovery improved after competition and intense training.

The Experience of Hallucinations

Studies have shown that sensory deprivation induces hallucinations. If a subject was highly prone to hallucinations, sensory deprivation increased their susceptibility even more.

Benefits of Float Tank Therapy.

Float tank therapy has several benefits, including body detoxification, relief from migraines, improvements in sleep, relief from muscle tension, and relief from stress and anxiety. To learn more about the benefits of float tank therapy, visit benefits of float tank therapy on our website.

Schedule a Consultation.

Fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation for float tank therapy at Nouveau Health & Wellness. Along with float tank therapy, we provide several other services, including hormone therapy, IV therapy, peptide therapy, and medical weight loss. We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.